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 The training is in line with the Recommended Standards for Independent Practice of the Watch, Wait and Wonder Intervention [1999©] established by Elisabeth Muir, Mirek Lojkasek and Nancy Cohen when all worked at the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre and Hincks-Dellcrest Institute.  Incredible Families is the Trust providing the governance and operational oversight of the training programme.

Our Services

Introductory Training

Next Training: Wellington | 13th – 15th November 2024
Next Training: Melbourne | TBA – March 2025

Three days focus on this dyadic psychotherapy that makes a space for the infant to be active and communicate with their parent. The training provides participants with a basic theoretical and technical foundation in the Watch, Wait, and Wonder® Intervention.

This intervention is helpful for infants and young children with relational, behavioural, regulatory and developmental difficulties.

The course is recommended for clinicians who are working with infants, pre-schoolers and their families and concerned to support the parent-child relationship.

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Advanced Training

This course focuses on clinical practice and building therapeutic skills. Participants need to have completed the Introductory Course, used the intervention with at least one dyad and been supervised through this work.

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Network Meeting

These meetings are open to all practitioners who have completed the Introductory Course. Typically, there are extended case presentations, discussion of further training initiatives and new developments in the practice of the intervention. It is also our opportunity to celebrate achievements with WWW including those clinicians who have completed their Training.


Guidance and support await in our supervision sessions, where therapists can navigate complexities and enhance their Watch Wait Wonder practice with expert oversight.

“Watching baby after attending a training course changed everything…”

About Us

We are a Team committed to training practitioners to create the therapeutic space of Watch, Wait, and Wonder® where parents and infants are supported to be together differently, to find their own way to a rewarding and secure relationship.

Dr Denise Guy co-ordinates Watch, Wait, and Wonder® Intervention Training. Rose Robinson became an accredited supervisor in 2010. In 2024 we welcome three new clinicians to the Watch, Wait and Wonder® DownUnder Training Team. Marion Doherty, Meggan Lam, and Sofia Galgut have significant clinical experience with the intervention and are all accredited for Independent Practice. They have contributed to our Network meetings and Conference presentations including World Association Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) Congresses.

Breaking News!

Denise Guy and Marion Doherty have a chapter in the recently published (March 2024) book Psychological Treatment Approaches for Young Children and Their Families edited by Ingeborg Stiefel, Matthew Brand and Tanya Hanstock.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of 14 commonly available therapeutic interventions for children aged 3–5 years. It fills an important gap in a field where information about treatment options is limited compared with those suitable for older children and adolescents. 

The chapter ‘Watch, Wait, and Wonder’ addresses the theoretical underpinnings of the intervention, the clinical work, training and research.

The Link: Psychological Treatment Approaches for Children and Their Families

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